Shade Blades

Hand-forged weapons crafted by Burguul Drok, the shade demon known as Critter.
He sells his wares to both friend and foe, but be wary, for they do come at a price.

Before you decide to purchase a weapon from me here are a few things that you should know.

1. My weapons are of medium quality and all handmade by myself and myself only. Therefore they all have their own personal qualities and are not perfect, making it to where they could possibly break when used carelessly. However, when used correctly they can last years.

2. There are other people who make weapons out there as well. For example is a great place to buy a basic (in aesthetics) weapon that will last you much longer with worse treatment than one of mine. The only downside being that they are more expensive. 

3. I enjoy making custom weapons for an extra cost. So don’t be afraid to ask for options to make your weapon more personal to you. I can also add details to premade weapons for a small fee.

4. You could also build one for yourself and see how you fair. There are many tutorials on how to do so and if you like my weapons, you can find the tutorials that I made on the tutorials page of this website.

Dagger: 15$
Spear: 60$

Rock: 2$
Modular Arrowheads: 5$
Javilin: 25$

Short Sword: 20$-cloth covered & 40$-plastidip
Medium Sword: 25$-cloth covered & 45$-plastidip
Long Sword: 35$-cloth covered & 55$-plastidip
Katana: 35$-cloth covered & 55$-plastidip

Sword: 45$-cloth covered & 65$-plastidip
(upgrade to square fiberglass core available for 20$ more)

Punch Shield: 60$

Email any orders or inquires to

Once again, do not be afraid to ask for your own personal touches to your weapon. You as well can send me a picture or drawing of a weapon that you might want. I will give you a quote and an idea of how it will look as a safe foam weapon. Here are some photos of people who asked for their own personal weapons: