Burguul Drok


Facts Summary:
Name: Burguul Drok
Race: Shade
Alignment: Evil
Languages: Common, Black Speech
Bonues: Armor
Provisions: Cursed Weapon
Unit – Rank: Clan Malice – Demon

Name, Race, Titles, Age, & Origin:
Burguul Drok the Shade Demon is known by many terrible titles such as the Shade, the Shadow, and most infamously, the Wielder of the Soul Stealer and the Blood Taker, the cleaver named Kag. When this creature came to be is difficult to determine. He was once a human man who was born to a normal family living in the Harad during year 3330 of the second age. He lived an ordinary life and served as the town executioner before being brought to ruin by his favorite tool of his trade.

Unit, Affiliations, Profession, Allies, & Goals:
He now exists as the Shade Demon of Clan Malice, and serves the dark lord Morgoth as his weapons smith, arming the monsters fighting to bring fallen Valar back to power. To accomplish this he works alongside Moraumang Drok, and helps her in doing the Ungoliant’s bidding which often coincides with the wishes of Morgoth. Together they seek to bring about the Dagor Dagorath and end the peaceful days of men.

Alignment, Personality, Traits, Instincts, Skills, & Hobbies:
An evil and wicked creature, Burguul Drok embodies all twisted virtues of the Demons of Clan Malice. He is Fearless, Brutal, and Bloodthirsty. Though he is of average intelligence and knows common speech he prefers to converse in Black Speech, taking joy in how it offends the prey he has sworn to kill. In battle he charges head on, and with extreme prejudice and hate he will attack anyone who favors the side of good regardless of this being beneficial to side or not. He is known for his crafting of particularly devastating weapons and often stopping to collect the blood of his victims to be used in his forge. Perhaps the only mannerism still left over from his previous life is his fondness for executions.

Earned Character Bonuses and Special Waiver Provisions:
Anyone who is unfortunate enough to face Burguul Drok in battle should know that due to his many years at war this demon’s armor is now battle hardened. (Armor Bonus)
As well as they should take caution when handling his weapon, for it is cursed. Anyone who touches it will go into a mad rage and be consumed by the drive to kill everything in sight. (Cursed Weapon Provision)

If you wish to know of Burguul Drok, and his existence on Middle earth, you will not find many a parchment written about him. For he was a demon of Clan Malice, and therefore, no being that cared to record history would dare try and befriend the demon, so they could chronicle his daily life. The only one who dared to study Burguul Drok is a wood-elf named Tarion.
Tarion the monster hunter’s quest in life was to rid all evil creatures from Middle Earth. He not only detested how they perverted Eru’s design for Arda, but for their wickedness Taurion felt the only sentence fitting would be their complete annihilation from this world. When Tarion traveled to the southlands he and his dwarf companion took part in the Battle of the Rift. They witnessed as all sorts of unnatural and deadly beast poured forth from the void, burning and slaughtering all in sight. It was then that Tarion fought a particularly menacing foe. A Shade demon that called himself Burguul Drok who wielded a great cleaver known as Kag, the Blood Stealer and the Soul Taker. After the battle was won many a evil beast lay fallen on the battlefield but some survived and fled into caves and those demons where from then on called Clan Malice.
It was then that Tarion went to Minas Tirith to try and find documentation on these strange creatures, but he was particularly interested in knowing more about Burguul Drok and finding any kind of weakness he might exploit. In the third age one would not be permitted to look upon those documents, but after the devastation caused in the Harad from the opening of the Rift, any help was welcomed to prevent the plague of Clan Malice moving northward. The librarian could not find anything on the title Burguul Drok, learning only that this name came from the foul language of the followers of Morgorth, the Black Speech. However, he did find a small piece of parchment stating the troubles surrounding an executioner’s weapon that came to be known as Kag in the same tongue and from the same region where this demon came. This is what it read:
In the year 3370, of the second age, I received a report from Near Harad, from one of my spies planted deep within the house of the king of Umbar. There was a public execution, as was the typical end for all who defied the king. Especially grand executions were thrown for those accused of treason and all citizens were required to attend. However, after this rebel’s head was separated from his shoulders, the executioner stopped with his weapon gripped firmly between his hands and let out a monstrous shout. In a sudden flash of madness he immediately started murdering every living being in sight without reason or cause. Eventually the townspeople were able to overwhelm the executioner, but were only able to do so by ending his life. The townspeople dared not to touch the weapon or the body directly, for both had an aura of tremendous evil about them, but strangely, much more so the weapon than the man. After much debate, they decided to summon the shaman of the land to incinerate both the weapon and the body in a magical fire that could even burn away the steel. Although once destroyed, like most things, this evil still clung to this world. The smoke rose up from the fire rapidly, and descended upon the witnesses as if the smoke itself still had the will to attack them. The shaman raised up his staff, let out a few unknown words, and the smoke was cast into the void, never to be seen again. The people of the land decided to give the weapon a name, Kag, which in black speech, simply means cleave.
Through this document and his knowledge of the Rift, Tarion came to know that Burguul Drok was once was this cleaver and executioner. When they were cast into the void they manifested together into the sentient smoke-like demonic being that crawled through the aperture that was opened by Morgoth. Through stalking him more, Tarion also figured out that aside from when he and his clan were decimating towns, Burguul Drok spent each moment forging and toiling, building hundreds of weapons, though his were not any ordinary weapons. They were forged in the blood of the slain and trapped their very souls within the steel, making them even more powerful through the despair each contained. Buguul Drok smithed day and night without rest or pause, and with a terrible urgency. Taurion came to understand with great horror that this demon was feverishly preparing for the war to end all wars.