Aelfengrad De Golding


Facts Summary:
Name: Aelfengrad De Golding
Race: Dunedain
Alignment: Neutral
Languages: Common, Westeron, Adunaie, Sindarin, Simple Quenya, Simple Orcish
Bonues: Armor, Reclaiming Projectiles, Siege Weapons Specialist, Engineering, Healing

Name, Origin, Race, Age, & Titles:
Aelfengrad De Gloding, son of his father Jurin and of his mother Marytin, a young Dunedain of the age of 45, hailing from the ancient land of Arnor. He is known by many as a wanderer, earning the name of Vanwa ( the Lost). Though, to others he is known more simply as Aelf or Aelfwin. Though others, more curiously, call him by the Cultist.

Affiliations, Professions, & Goals:
He has no comrades nor any he would call ally; having left all ties, even those with his family, far behind on his travels. Though, he does carry with him a wealth of knowledge as a ranger and engineer. For now he continues to wander, searching for his place in the world, and working to rebuild his life.

Alignment, Personality, Instincts. Traits, Skills, & Hobbies:
A main goal of his quest is to find for himself his own alignment and what he believes in. Though he is outwardly friendly toward all who know him, years of war and enslavement have ailed his mind, and inwardly this character is at war within himself. He remains empathetic and will go out of his way to care for the wounded, but he can often be impulsive and aggressive beyond all reason when taunted by those that have not earned his respect. He is a highly intelligent man, learned in many languages, survivalism, engineering, mining, and metal crafting. He uses this knowledge to his great advantage in battle, though he is also known to take pleasure in a few hobbies such as skiing, meditation, and boating.

Earned Character Bonuses:
Anyone who wishes to challenge Aelfengrad De Golding in battle should know that due to his many years at war his armor is now battle hardened and has learned how to scavenge fallen projectiles for further use. (Armor Bonus) (Reclaim Projectiles Bonus) Due to his intelligence and upbringing he has been trained in the manufacturing and use of siege weapons; as well as in the discipline of engineering. (Siege Weapons Bonus) (Engineering Bonus) Furthermore, his extensive experiences with illnesses and injuries, as well as knowledge of their treatment, gain him the title of field medic and survivalist. (Healing Bonus)

I was born in to a minor noble family, the younger son of a younger son. I was raised in a loving home, and followed my father in becoming an engineer. I have a fiery streak this lead me to join the local reservists as a combat engineer. I was engaged to marry Elawin. I was an avid skier in winter and enjoyed boating during in the summer. Three years ago I was sent out on an expedition to flush out orcs from a mountain pass. We attacked, and during the fighting I was knocked out and captured. I and others were used as slave labor for two and half years in a mine. Since I know something about mining due to my background, I was put in a position of responsibility, an orc’s supervision, over some of the slaves. I was treated no better than the other slaves in some was worse I came to be the whipping boy when something went wrong, but the team I was on did have a better safety record and produced more ore than the other teams. One day after being busted to a common laborer after a mine collapse (cause by not following some common sense safety precautions I suggested about shoring up the mine) and being taunted that I would never be free nor would I ever see my loved ones again, I snapped. Taking the shovel I had been given to clean out the latrine I killed the orc that taunting me. The other orc that was guarding us attacked me and I killed it also. After a hurried discussion and taking the orcs weapons, we dumped the orcs into the latrine and started our escape attempt. Gathering other slaves as we went, we were able to escape, but few of the slaves that joined us made it out of the mine. Six months later after traveling through the wilderness unprepared more of my fellow ex-slaves died before we came back home.

Upon returning home, our small band was unrecognized by our family and friends as we were thought dead and we had a rough weary from our trials. Upon seeing my Sweet Elawin (whose memory had kept me from despair and thus alive in the mines and on the journey home) seemingly walking with another man hand in hand, the evil that had been sown in my heart as I fought to stay alive during my sojourn came to the full bitter bursting bloom as I ran up in a rage in the seeming betrayal and slew the man. I revealed myself to Elawin and slew her also for as I thought her faithlessness. I then heard the hue and cry that a mad man had killed Elawin and her cousin Andoroth. Knowing now my mistake and seeing the end of my happy dream life which had sustained me, I flew back to the wilderness friendless, in despair and confusion. Now I walk the wilderness alone looking for a place to rebuild my life.